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Mimi Nichols

Founder & Chairwoman

Since starting the company in 1978, Mimi has steadily grown Nichols Research from a small consulting business managed from home to a true industry leader and one of the 100 largest woman owned businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Headquartered in Silicon Valley since its inception, Nichols Research has always been at the forefront of technology which has enabled Mimi to design some of the most advanced research facilities in the business. As a result of Mimi's foresight and commitment to customer service and research excellence, today Nichols Research is consistently rated as "One of the World's Best" by the Impulse Survey. Mimi is a natural-born leader whose involvement and contributions to the marketing research industry have made an indelible impression on future generations of research professionals. Mimi's involvement has included serving as President of the national Marketing Research Association (MRA), President of the San Francisco chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), Secretary / Treasurer of the (former) Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR), and numerous positions in local industry association's chapters. Mimi is one of the founders of GroupNet, the largest network of independent marketing research companies, and serves on the Executive Board.

In 2007, Mimi was given the very prestigious Honorary Lifetime Membership Award by the Marketing Research Association.

PRC certified at the expert level, Mimi is a highly sought after research consultant and RIVA-trained moderator focusing primarily on consumer research and B2B. Over the years, Mimi has conducted countless focus groups on a myriad of subjects on everything from computer chips to potato chips.

Jane Rosen

Phone: 510-794-2990

As President of Nichols Research, Jane oversees all business operations and strategic planning for NRI's five research facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Central California.

Jane grew up in a research family in Cleveland, Ohio and began working in her family's company, Rosen Research, while still in high school.

Ms. Rosen began her career with Nichols Research in 1984 after working as data collection supervisor for The Institute for Public Policy in Chico, while obtaining her Master's of Public Administration.

With over 20 years of experience in the full service division of Nichols Research, Jane writes proposals, moderates, develops research and analyzes qualitative and quantitative research. She has attended RIVA for Qualitative Research training and is an active member of the Marketing Research Association (MRA) and Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).

Ms. Rosen is a Past President of the Northwest Chapter of the MRA and served on the National Board for seven years. Jane is the recipient of several industry awards including the MRA President's Award (1988), The Chapter Leadership Award (1994), Award of Excellence (1999) and, in 2010, the prestigious Honorary Lifetime Membership Award.

PRC certified at the expert level, Jane has also earned a BS degree from The University of Arizona and an MPA from Cal State University, Chico.