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Nichols Research, Inc. is the largest data collection agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our business, professional, technical, and consumer databases represent all major areas in the five counties surrounding the Bay. In addition, our database also has a large representation from Fresno, CA, and the surrounding areas.


Qualitative research requires careful attention to detail. Our qualitative managers oversee all aspects of each project from recruiting to facility arrangements in order to provide our clients with the ultimate in service to achieve their research goals.

Our recruiting staff is trained following a program developed by Nichols Research, Inc. and based on standards set by the Marketing Research Association. Our employees work in-house and are closely monitored by the project managers and supervisors. Our respondents are re-screened before and during the confirmation and upon arrival at the facility.


Nichols Research, Inc. has a moderator on staff as well as facilitators for special projects. In addition, we maintain a database of professional moderators with expertise in particular subject areas that are available for your projects. We will work with you to assure success for your project from inception to conclusion.