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Mock Juries

Nichols Research offers spacious facilities that can accommodate juries of all sizes as well as an extensive and diverse database to pull exactly the sample you want.

Spacious focus facilities seat up to 50 jurors for presentations and include four separate breakout rooms with one-way mirrors for jury deliberations. Ceiling PZM microphones record the presentations and deliberations onto dual audio cassette decks. Stationary ceiling mounted cameras capture the video.

Professional audiovisual equipment helps presenters display critical documents, videotapes, audiotapes, charts, graphics and animations. Equipment includes Elmo digital document camera, 2000 lumen video projector, 6' projection screen, flipcharts, easels, VCR, DVD, computers, large monitors, solid oak podium and anchor speakers for clear sound.

All rooms have adjustable lighting and individual air conditioning controls. Lounges attached to focus rooms provide space for private phone calls and discussions. T1 and DSL lines along with 802.11 allow for high speed Internet access.

Complete food catering and business support services.

On site technical support and hosting staff.

Professional videotaping with operator for on-site and off-site projects.

Locations include downtown San Francisco, CA (San Francisco County), Sunnyvale, CA (Santa Clara County), Concord, CA (Contra Costa County) and Fresno, CA (Fresno County).

Recruiting and staffing are also provided for off-site projects throughout Northern and Central California as well as the Reno-Tahoe area. Facility arrangements include room rental, food service, professional audio and videotaping and qualitative assistant.

For detailed information relating to your particular project, please contact our Project Management Team or call 510-794-2990.