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This innovative research tool will allow you to save time and space while increasing your productivity dramatically.

ViC CD allows researchers to mark their focus groups live during recording. After your session, this recording is burned instantly to CD with all your marks. All you do is pop the CD into the CD drive on your PC or laptop (no special requirements necessary) and start writing your report. Imagine, you could have your report written (video clips and all) before your plane lands at home!

And now, with three levels of ViC CD available, there is service to fit everyone's needs and budgets. ViC CD levels include:

Watch your video on Microsoft Media Player. Each session records in 10-minute segments, so it's easy to jump to the good stuff.

ViC Viewer PLUS you can mark clips on playback. Export the best clips to PowerPoint or email. The fast and affordable way to organize video of your customers.

ViC Clipper PLUS you can mark clips live during the session. Jump to the best clips without any need to review. This is the ultimate time saver for fast turn around projects.

VideoMarker is currently available in Sunnyvale and San Francisco.

For more detailed information and booking, please contact Grace La Mer or call 510-794-2990 ext 113.