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Benefits of Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing offers live transmission of focus groups, mini-groups, one-one-one interviewing or usability labs from any of the member facilities nationwide, to any of the other member facilities, to your office if you have videoconferencing equipment, and to any other location worldwide with videoconferencing equipment utilizing "standards" or higher bandwidth. Videoconferencing offers your company many benefits and more flexible use of your research dollars. Some of these benefits include significant reductions in travel expenses, time away from the office, and time required to conduct multiple site projects. You also have the ability to involve more key people in the research and immediate, interactive debriefing sessions after the group. This will expedite the process of turning insight into action. At Nichols Research our Sunnyvale, San Francisco, Fremont, and our Fresno facilities are equipped to transmit and receive focus groups. Contact Jessica Heard or call 559-226-3100 for more detailed information.

Public Room Videoconferencing

We also offer videoconferencing services at all facilities for your non-market research related needs, such as training, interviewing, in-staff meetings between locations, legal depositions, etc. For more information, please contact Jessica Heard or call 559-226-3100.

General Specifications

  • Polycom/PictureTel equipment; 384Kbps transmission for excellent quality picture and motion
  • Encryption of incoming and outgoing transmissions available to help ensure privacy
  • Face-to-face, smooth, interactive communication nationwide and worldwide
  • Can interface between multiple locations
  • Document cameras plus two-way audio and video interaction between locations allow for exchanges of text and visuals while the meeting is in progress
  • Professional camera operators
  • User friendly, "hands free" environment allows participants to concentrate on the meeting, not the technology
  • Transmission to remote viewer